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Planned Parenthood: The Battle Continues

In the long term, Planned Parenthood should prepare itself for a public relations battle that, eventually, will have political and financial consequences. Continue reading

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How Do Individuals Use Their Identities in Claims-Making Aimed at Politicians?

Last week, I showed that individual claims-making on the Terri Schiavo case does not simply mirror those ideas discussed in mainstream media. This, week I show how ideas are used in emails sent to Florida Governor Jeb Bush supporting and … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media: Does It Affect Our Political Claims-Making?

Social scientists have long argued that mainstream media set the political agenda. It is not clear, however, if mass media affects how individuals make their claims. To explore this issue, myself, Christian Vaccaro, Miriam Sessions, and Heather Mauney, analyzed 2,509 … Continue reading

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