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Sex and Love in the Digital Age — Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions

The point here is that while America may be caught in a sex recession, there is reason to believe that digital technologies also deepen our connections – and we simply have not observed and named the phenomena yet. In a … Continue reading

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Constructing Narratives about the Political Fortunes of Women in 2018

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Deana A. Rohlinger, Ph.D. Journalists and data junkies alike are gleefully dissecting the gender gap and what it potentially means for the mid-term elections generally and the political fortunes of women specifically. Number-cruncher extraordinaire,…

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Mainstream Media and Oppositional Memes in the Digital Age

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Deana Rohlinger It is an exciting and challenging time for social movements. Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs) have altered the media landscape, turning some of what we know about media-movement interactions on its head. From The…

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Dysfunctional Politics in the Digital Age

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Deana Rohlinger                   From Pinterest                                                                         From Propcott Something has changed in American politics. The chasm between progressives and conservatives has grown and, according to research by…

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Turning the Anti-Abortion Tide

By Deana A Rohlinger The Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt ruling effectively renders unconstitutional abortion restrictions in some two-dozen states, forcing abortion opponents t… Source: Turning the Anti-Abortion Tide

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The Truth about Writing an Academic Book

The thought of publishing a book is very seductive. A book offers the opportunity to explain ideas in detail. For some, it signifies an academic arrival. Once you publish a book, you are officially part of the knowledge production machine, … Continue reading

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Interview on Abortion Politics with No Jargon

Listen to my recent interview on abortion politics and the elections (among other things) with Avi from No Jargon. Download this and other interviews here.

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