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Mainstream Media: Does It Affect Our Political Claims-Making?

Social scientists have long argued that mainstream media set the political agenda. It is not clear, however, if mass media affects how individuals make their claims. To explore this issue, myself, Christian Vaccaro, Miriam Sessions, and Heather Mauney, analyzed 2,509 … Continue reading

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Freeing Tibet through Self-Immolation?

Tibet is back in the news. Hundreds of students took to the streets pushing for greater freedoms in under Chinese rule. This protest followed 18 year-old Kalsang Jinpa’s self-immolation; the teen died after his fiery protest. There have been approximately … Continue reading

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Lady-Part Politics

Warning: This is a snarky post.  It’s difficult to ignore the absurd contradictions involving women in American culture, most of which involve the maintenance, presentation, or regulation of our lady parts. In popular culture, girl and woman power are often … Continue reading

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