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FDA Ruling Reshapes Abortion Battle

Read my piece in the The American Prospect. Here is a preview: FDA Ruling Reshapes Abortion Battle DEANA A. ROHLINGER MARCH 31, 2016 New federal labeling guidelines for the abortion pill deliver a major victory to the abortion-rights movement, and … Continue reading

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Op-Ed in The American Prospect: The Far-Reaching Consequences of the Supreme Court Abortion Rights Challenge

he abortion rights challenge known as Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which comes before the Supreme Court for oral arguments Wednesday, is the latest battle in the four-decade war over legal abortion in the United States. Pro-life and pro-choice activists … Continue reading

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Fixing the Price of Protest — New Math?

A quick follow up on my post yesterday (Putting a Price on Protest: https://doubletakesociology.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/putting-a-price-tag-on-protest-what-this-means-for-the-dream-defenders/ ). During the course of an interview, I discussed the framing of the “cost of protest” with a reporter. The reporter told me that the the Governor’s … Continue reading

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Putting A Price Tag on Protest: What this Means for the Dream Defenders

On my way the office this morning, the local NPR station (www.WFSU.org) reported that the Dream Defender had cost the state of Florida $103,000 in extra law enforcement. According to the report (which is not yet posted on the site), … Continue reading

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Freeing Tibet through Self-Immolation?

Tibet is back in the news. Hundreds of students took to the streets pushing for greater freedoms in under Chinese rule. This protest followed 18 year-old Kalsang Jinpa’s self-immolation; the teen died after his fiery protest. There have been approximately … Continue reading

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Presidential Debates as Fairy Tale

                          There was no shortage of analogies regarding how Obama needed to perform during last night’s debate. My favorite was that of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Drawing … Continue reading

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