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The Take A Knee Movement: A Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

Whether or not you agree with the Take A Knee movement, we need to understand it in context. It reflects a desire to make America’s promises available to all citizens, and a legacy of using controversial tactics to push all of us to think more deeply about uncomfortable issues. It is the modern day civil rights movement. Continue reading

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Fixing the Price of Protest — New Math?

A quick follow up on my post yesterday (Putting a Price on Protest: https://doubletakesociology.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/putting-a-price-tag-on-protest-what-this-means-for-the-dream-defenders/ ). During the course of an interview, I discussed the framing of the “cost of protest” with a reporter. The reporter told me that the the Governor’s … Continue reading

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Putting A Price Tag on Protest: What this Means for the Dream Defenders

On my way the office this morning, the local NPR station (www.WFSU.org) reported that the Dream Defender had cost the state of Florida $103,000 in extra law enforcement. According to the report (which is not yet posted on the site), … Continue reading

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