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Republican or Republican’t

If you are a fan of the Sunday morning political circuit, I certainly hope you saw Newt Gingrich on ABC’s This Week. He joined the growing chorus of Republicans criticizing Mitt Romney in a way that only Newt can do. … Continue reading

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Freeing Tibet through Self-Immolation?

Tibet is back in the news. Hundreds of students took to the streets pushing for greater freedoms in under Chinese rule. This protest followed 18 year-old Kalsang Jinpa’s self-immolation; the teen died after his fiery protest. There have been approximately … Continue reading

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Election Dissection: What Does It Mean for the Rest of US?

  I am an advertising agency’s nightmare. I pledge loyalty to no television personality or station. Instead, I flip from station to station watching how each is covering the election. You can learn some interesting, albeit essentially useless, information by … Continue reading

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